The Wikipedia of Betting

Mini Wiki Betting was created to be the mini ‘wikipedia‘ of betting. Obviously wikipedia is just so damn big that we’ll never compete so we’re not even trying, but as far as the mini wiki of betting we think we can atleast have our say when it comes to online betting.

There’s a video in the sidebar which explains how spread betting is done, it’s quite useful information to be honest.

The hardest information to find on the internet when it comes to betting sites is the right bets to place! Yes, that was abit of a joke. But no, it’s still the truth. Who doesn’t want to know the best bets to put on? It’s free money if you could never lose a bet again! And you’d be super rich knowing that every bet you put on won, you’d continue to double up your bets until you had all the money in the world.

But you shouldn’t do that. Going to betting sites that offer a free bonus bet to sign up is obviously a must thing to do if you like to gamble online. This is free money they’re giving you for signing up and depositing some money. It doesn’t get any easier then this. Yes we obviously recommend doing that. It’s something you should 100% do.

There are many strategies that you can do to hopefully win some money. But it depends, are you having a punt for fun? Are you having a punt professionally? if you’re doing it for fun, you absolutely do not want some sort of system or strategy. This will take all the fun out of betting itself. You just don’t want to bet more then you can afford to lose. This will hurt you badly. But if you’re doing it as a part time income you definetely want some sort of strategy.

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